Nationwide Fundraising Discount Cards:

Groups and teams love this popular peer-to-peer fundraising product. It’s like having 100 printed coupon books, delivered with simple print-and-save & mobile show-your-phone coupons.


With more in-store merchant locations than any other organization, Nationwide offers your customers unparalleled value at the places they shop every day.





Please contact Nick Mangano with any questions or to place an order:

Nichols Mangano
PO Box 183
Milford, NY 13807

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Baseball Discount Card

Soccer Discount Card

Multi Sports Discount Card

All American Discount Card


What you get:

    An easy to sell product that is personalized with the name of your team/league

    Sell for $20 or more at the door & keep at least 70% minimum $14 profit per card.

    Your supporters save hundreds at popular restaurants and businesses for an entire year.

    Over 20 different card designs to choose from

    All products require a code to access the website & mobile deals.

    Customizable with your branding

    Promotes brand awareness and builds good will when members save